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In August 2013 we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for Awesomenauts: Starstorm! This crowdfunded Expansion features lots of extras for Awesomenauts: including Spectator Mode, Replays, several new characters, a new map, and new gameplay modes!

Since then, we have been working on the content we promised during this campaign, as well as several additional features that we felt would benefit players and the game as a whole. Rather than bottling them up, we have been releasing update after update to bring you these new content as soon as it was done. We are far from being done, and will continue to release new cool stuff with every update we do!

To help you keep track of exactly what we've released and what's still coming up, we've made a couple of handy lists and included them below.

Some of this content is available to all owners of Awesomenauts. However, when you purchase Starstorm, you will always get all the expansion-exclusive content that we have released up until now (excluding some backer-exclusive rewards that are reserved for backers in higher tiers). Everything that we've completed will be waiting for you, and all the content that we're working on will be unlocked automatically as soon as the update is launched.

Please keep in mind that any estimates mentioned below are liable to changes.



Finished and released features
  • New Naut: Ted McPain
• New Naut: Sentry X-58
• New Naut: Skree
• New Naut: Penny Fox
• Offline replays
• Real-time Replay Sharing (through Dropbox file sharing)
• First batch of options for Custom games
• Second batch of options for Custom games
• Twin stick controller support
• New song: Spanking Stars
• New song: I'll Make You a Star, Baby


Finished and released backer rewards
  • Beta access
• Starstorm DLC
• Voltar announcer
• Gnaw announcer
• Three t-shirts
• Poster
• Two digital wallpapers
• Signed vinyl
• Clunk miniature
• Bot names
• Credits mentions
• Silver Koala icons
• Golden Koala icons
• Ghost Leon skin
• Cyber Coco skin
• Digital G skin
• Steam keys for existing things: Costume Packs 1 & 2, Awesomenauts, soundtrack, Swords & Soldiers and Super Sausy Sausage Fest


Still to come
  • New Naut: unknown fifth character
• Global chat
• Custom games browser
• Third batch of Custom Games options
• Online replays
• Infinite spectator mode
• Level editor
• Steam Workshop integration
• Starstorm map + song
• Another new song
• Digital artbook
• Backer mentions in the droppod area




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