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With patch 1.6.1 Awesomenauts introduced Leagues!

These are subdivisions in the leaderboards where people with similar skilllevels are paired into their own League. There are 9 different Leagues ranging from 9 (Copper) as the lowest to 1 (Awesomantium) being the highest.

As you move up through the Leagues, the playergroups you are paired with get smaller and more elite, leaving only a handful of the best to be worthy of Awesomantium!

You can check your current League in the main menu, the leaderboards or the in-game scoreboard.



Prestige is a badge of honor that will be displayed next to your name in the leaderboards and the in-game scoreboard.

When you reach the maximum level in Awesomenauts, the game will ask you if you wish to Prestige or not.

If you choose yes, your level will be reset to 1 but you will keep all your unlocked characters. Your loadout however is also reset, keeping your second playthrough challenging.

Right now there are a total of 10 Prestige levels to earn in Awesomenauts!


Apart from the League and Prestige icons you will encounter online, there are a few elusive icons that can be found from time to time!

When you see a crowned golden monkey next to a name in the leaderboard or in-game scoreboard, you’re in luck! You have encountered a wild Ronimo Games developer! Approach with care, they may bite.

The silver monkey represents a Ronimo Games Intern. Be gentle with them, they’ve suffered enough.

The Golden Duck is a special recognition towards community members who help make Awesomenauts awesome!



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